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Leasing & Managing with Habtoor Properties

What is Property Management?

Property management—also known as real estate management—encompasses all aspects of running an income property, from finding and screening tenants to maintaining the property, collecting rent, and handling any issues that arise.

10 Reasons to Hire Al Habtoor Properties to Manage your Property

1. Setting the right rental rates: Our property manager will conduct a thorough market research in order to set a rental price for your property, ensuring that you achieve the perfect balance between maximizing monthly income and maintaining a low vacancy rate

2. Collecting and depositing monthly rent payments on time: We have efficient, tried-and-true systems in place to effectively collect rent and maintain on-time payments.

3. Marketing and advertising your property: Through long experience, we know exactly where to market your property and how to craft compelling advertising materials—a significant advantage when it comes to filling your properties quickly and avoiding long vacancies.

4. Finding the right tenants: We are experts at finding good tenants, and will take care of all the details, including verifying employment, and collecting previous landlord references.

5. Managing tenants: In addition to finding good tenants, we also manage all aspects of the tenant-landlord relationship i.e. routine and emergency maintenance, routine inspection and conflict solutions, in case of any.

6. Managing vendor relationships: We have long standing relationships with maintenance team of the building, subcontractors and suppliers that it's almost impossible for an independent landlord to duplicate.

7. Ensuring that you are in compliance with housing regulations and property laws: These include local regulations, as well as fair housing regulations (such as RERA, Dubai Municipality, etc). We can help you to prevent any kind of legal issues by keeping your property up-to-date and in compliance with all regulations

8. Enabling you to invest in geographically distant properties: Our property manager can help you with scouting investment deals in other areas of the country and city as well.

9. Maximizing the profitability of your time: With more time on your hand, the landlord can further invest his time in other lucrative investments

10. Maximizing the profitability of your money: We charge a percentage of your property's monthly rental rate in exchange for our services. The rate depends on which type of service you require and runs from 6-10%, which is generally less than the money you save by hiring a professional to take care of your property.

Services We Offer at Al Habtoor Properties

  • Marketing of property
  • Viewings with prospective tenants
  • Tenant screening
  • Deposit collected & held
  • Preparation of tenancy agreement
  • DEWA connection assistance
  • Key handover
  • Tenant check-In
  • Register tenancy with Ejari
  • Rent collection and payment management
  • Renewal of tenancy
  • Manage tenant check-out
  • Return of deposit to tenant
  • Re-Market and manage when property becomes vacant
  • Insurance advice
  • Move in preparation (Fee) i.e. paint, clean, pest control, A/C
  • Detailed inventory
  • Financial reporting
  • Snag report and rectification advice
  • Tenant & maintenance management
  • 24/7 call-Out and online service for tenant
  • Legal guidance
  • Bi-yearly property inspections
  • Close DEWA account



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